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 Recommendation by  Director Adrian Perez (UK)
As the CEO of Filmfinity and the director of the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival in London, I highly recommend Roberto Puzzo for his exceptional acting prowess. 
His performance in "World Order" impressed both audiences and critics alike with its versatility, deep commitment, and ability to convincingly portray complex emotions on screen. His talent for action choreography and commanding physical presence make him an outstanding actor who enhances any project. 

 Recommendation by  Producer April Q. Russell (USA)


It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Roberto Puzzo after having the privilege of experiencing his performances in several film projects as an attentive viewer. 
Roberto Puzzo demonstrated exceptional skill in various roles, including "World Order" (Action Thriller) as Vito, "Radiomessage" (Action Drama) as Mike, "Gift of Success" (Crime Thriller) as Tony the Axe, "Day of Judgement" (Fantasy Drama) as Lou, and "One Last Time" (Action Drama) once again as Mike. 
His performances were marked by impressive talent, pronounced Method Acting, and a remarkable ability for repeatability. Noteworthy is Roberto Puzzo's captivating presence on screen, breathing life into characters in a compelling manner. His versatility and convincing portrayal of diverse roles deeply impressed me as both a viewer and a producer. Based on these positive experiences, I wholeheartedly recommend Roberto Puzzo as an actor for future projects. 
His professional dedication and outstanding acting abilities make him a valuable asset to any film production. I am confident that Roberto Puzzo will continue to thrive in the film industry with his talent. Roberto will surely be taken into consideration for our in-house productions, whenever there is a role presents itself for character proficiency and talent. 


 Recommendation by Film Director Christoph Klünker (GER)

l would like to recommend Roberto Puzzo to you as an actor. l have repeatedly worked with Roberto on various film projects. 
He has a good comprehension and quickly orientates himself on the film set. He is very well prepared, text-safe and gets the best out of his roles. 
He is committed and goal-oriented, yet unpretentious and a real team player. l wish him challenging film projects and all the best for his future career. We will certainly work together often in the future. 


 Recommendation by Casting Director Gilla Pallmann (GER)

I would like to highly recommend Mr. Roberto Puzzo to you as an actor.
Thanks to his versatility and linguistic abilities, I have repeatedly suggested him for several film projects with positive results. Roberto Puzzo is a truly unique individual, and that uniqueness shines through in his performances. You can rely on him 100% to bring out the best in his roles while injecting his own Roberto Puzzo style. I always tell my directors, "Roberto is a sure bet, you can't go wrong with him." He enriches his roles and is a professional actor whom one enjoys working with.
Therefore, I sincerely wish for him to find a home in a very good agency or management that is capable of nurturing him and actively promoting him to my colleagues. That's why I am very happy to write this recommendation and can only advise you to get to know him personally because there is only one Roberto Puzzo, and he is irreplaceable.




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