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Review by Film Festival Director Adrian Perez/Lonely Wolf International Film Festival


Roberto Puzzo makes his Jason Statham fantasy come to life in his giant new action spectacle . Every moment Puzzo is onscreen he shines, he emits star power and endearing charisma. Whilst Puzzo proves to be a master of martial arts in dominating the Bankovskis’ intricate fight choreographies, he also plays a complex character through which his tough exterior hides much repressed emotional depth; for his parents’ death scarred him and forced him into maturity to look after his brother at a young age. 

What can’t be contested is that Puzzo’s film is epic, grand in scale, serves him a great vehicle through which to showcase his multi-faceted skillset and tenacity in film directing, screenwriting and acting. 


Review by Film Director Christoph Klünker

Dear Sir or Madam, l would like to recommend Roberto Puzzo to you as an actor. l have repeatedly worked with Roberto on various film projects. 
He has a good comprehension and quickly orientates himself on the film set. He is very well prepared, text-safe and gets the best out of his roles. 
He is committed and goal-oriented, yet unpretentious and a real team player. l wish him challenging film projects and all the best for his future career. We will certainly work together often in the future. 



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